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Q. When will I find out when I will be awarded?

You should be notified 2-3 weeks after you submit your application. 

Q. I was approved, how long until I receive my award?

It should take approximately 5-7 business days after notification of award for you to receive your check via USPS mail. 

Q. If I am denied, can I reapply?


Q. Can I be awarded more than once?


Q. My business was deemed non-essential and ordered to close, am I still eligible?

Yes, both essential and nonessential businesses are permitted to apply.

Q. I own multiple businesses, can I apply for assistance more than once?

If you have separate business entities, licenses, and addresses then yes you can apply more than once.

Only one business per address is permitted to apply. 

One Business Owner can not apply for funding for more than 2 separate business locations.

Q. What businesses are ineligible to receive assistance?

  • Air BnBs

  • Corporate and Franchised businesses

  • Check Cashing businesses

  • Insurance companies

  • Property Management Companies

Q. What are considered the administrative boundaries of the City of Wilmington? 

View map: 

Q.What additional information do I need to provide with my application?

  • Copy of your City of Wilmington business license (State of Delaware license not accepted).

  • Copy of the bill you plan to pay using the funds, if awarded.

  • W9 Form

Q. I need help completing my online application, who should I contact?

Please contact Gabrielle Lantieri at

Q. Who decides which businesses receive grant monies?

We have a Review Team comprised of various citywide economic development partners. 

Q. Where is this money coming from?

Funds are received through individual and corporate funders.  

Q. What can I use these funds for

  • Rent payments

  • Mortgage payments

  • Utility Bills

  • Supplier Bills

Q. What can I NOT use this funds for?

  • Personal expenses

  • Payroll

Q. How will I receive the funds, if awarded?

You will receive your funds in the mail via check. The check is mailed to the mailing address you listed in your application. 

Q. Can the check be written out to me personally?

No, all checks will be written to the business name listed on the business license.

Q. My business is a nonprofit, can I still apply?


Q. Can I send a paper application?


Q. When are applications due?

Applications will be accepted biweekly and will be awarded until funds run out.

Q. How long will we be accepting applications for?

Until all funds are spent down.

Q. If I am an individual who files taxes as an independent contractor or sole proprietor (schedule C and 1099s to the IRS), am I still eligible as a business? 

The program will be open to sole proprietors and independent contractors.

Q. Can I still apply if I have received federal or state funds or loans? 

Yes, but please speak with your CPA or accountant regarding receiving additional funding. This may affect the terms of your loans. 

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